6 Things to do during Emergencies

One can never expect when an emergency may rise up, so it’s important to know how to act during turbulent situations. I have attached below some tips related to this topic. Hopefully none of you face any accidents or a circumstance where you will need to resort to these tips, but they are definitely important to keep in mind.


4 Parenting Tips

“With parenting, there are no real answers. Instinctually, you do the right thing; it happens the way it’s supposed to. Do the best you can. Everybody goes through difficulties with parenting. We all go through the joys of it and the difficulties of it. It’s the greatest journey.”-Unknown


How to Volunteer during Covid-19/Lockdowns

With the new challenges our world is facing, volunteers are needed more than ever. But with that, comes another impediment: lockdowns. In what ways can we help? How do we volunteer over the screens? What if face-to-face connections are required?

These circumstances are especially unique and require unique ways of helping the increasing numbers of needy communities. Below are 7 ways to volunteer while social distancing😁

1. Provide online learning classes for people who do not have access to education or need academic help.
2. Donate Blood if possible.
3. Create virtual raising awareness campaigns.
4. Participate in research projects, especially those that can improve the current situation.
5. Join a global initiative, such as the United Nations.
6. Implement your skills in safe, important, and interesting topics.
7. Stay safe!

4 Ways to Keep our Environment Clean

I often like to mention tips on our environment as it has come to my attention how much our surroundings have changed compared to 50 years ago, which gets me thinking about where we are going. The one thing we all have in common is our planet, our Earth. We should not be the reason for its collapse. But the solution is in our hands and there are many eco friendly heroes out there that are truly fighting for a cleaner Earth, so please let us all have our hands together and solve this problem before it’s too late.💚🌎💙


6 Ways to Change your Mindset around Money

✨Business tips✨


These are a few ways to adopt a “money mindset.” I’m trying to implement them in my life and so far I’m doing well😅 I hope you find them helpful as well and share your feedback with me😄

Also, is there any topic you would like to have some tips for? If so, please share them and I would gladly work on some tips!

Have a wonderful day🤍

I’m Back!!!

I would first like to wish you and your families a merry Christmas and hopefully a better year to come. This year has definitely been a challenging one, but one that taught us how to cope with major changes in life with hope and positivity.

I also apologize for being inactive on this blog as I have been really busy lately. But I’m finally back and I look forward to share some more tips in the coming days🥳

I will keep this post short and clear to give you time to spend with your families and wrap up this year with a smile😄 (make sure to stay safe and take precautions!!)

Have a great day!!