How to Volunteer during Covid-19/Lockdowns

With the new challenges our world is facing, volunteers are needed more than ever. But with that, comes another impediment: lockdowns. In what ways can we help? How do we volunteer over the screens? What if face-to-face connections are required?

These circumstances are especially unique and require unique ways of helping the increasing numbers of needy communities. Below are 7 ways to volunteer while social distancingšŸ˜

1. Provide online learning classes for people who do not have access to education or need academic help.
2. Donate Blood if possible.
3. Create virtual raising awareness campaigns.
4. Participate in research projects, especially those that can improve the current situation.
5. Join a global initiative, such as the United Nations.
6. Implement your skills in safe, important, and interesting topics.
7. Stay safe!

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